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Well the top ten toy lists for Christmas 2010 are bouncing all over the internet, press and tv so you must have been hiding somewhere if you don’t yet know which toys are hot this Christmas.  If you check out the slider on the Toy and Game Reviews homepage you’ll see a selection of toys to buy this Christmas.

If you’re thinking about getting some early shopping in to take some of the pressure off poor old Santa then you should be thinking along these lines…

Paper Jamz – these come in several forms – guitars, drums and amps. You can even get straps although if you have a few old cheap nylon guitar straps lying around already, as we did, they will work too. Have a look for yourself:
These guitars come in a variety of shapes and each can play 3 licensed songs and will even allow you to play freestyle guitar with REAL chords and chord changes!  You can even match up the Paper Jamz drums with Paper Jamz guitars for karaoke mode.

And the Drums:

Paper Jamz are simply flying off the shelves – so if you don’t want to miss out, search for Paper Jamz over at Toy and Game Reviews to find the best prices from top online toy retailers in the UK. Paper Jamz are inexpensive, fun and the perfect present to give your kids this 2010 Christmas morning.

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