FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Why Did You Start This Site

Because we looked for a site like this to use and couldn't find one! We wanted a site where we could quickly search for the cheapest price for toys and presents at the never ending stream of birthdays and Christmas! There are plenty of price comparison sites, but none which focus on toys, which we feel is important - it allows us to focus on what is popular.Top

How Does It Work?

Online retail shops supply us with a list of their products, including descriptions, prices etc. We process these, and where possible, compare the products and list them together, showing you the cheapest one. Top

Why Don't All Products Have a Price Comparison?

2 reasons - some products may only be available from one of our featured merchants. Secondly, merchants may sometimes use slightly different names to name their products, which can confuse our system. Eg Ben10 and Ben Ten look different to a computer. Top

Is this free? Do the products cost more?

No, completely free! The products cost the same as if you had gone straight to the suppliers website. The supplier gives us a small commission for every visit/sale on their website. This covers our website costs eg hosting. Top

What is you policy on spam and are my contact details safe with you?

We detest spam as much as you do and rest assured that we will never give out your contact details to third party websites. Top

Out of Stock!!

Sometimes products on our supplier's sites may be out of stock - we update our product lists several times a week, but sometimes this can happen! Top

Why does a merchant's web address at the bottom of my screen look funny and how do I know I'm not being referred to a dodgy site?

We want the merchants to know who has referred you to them and this is done by the unusual looking text in the web address. This is absolutely nothing to worry about and simply contains details that identify Toy and Game Reviews to merchants. We guarantee that you are being referred only to the merchant's page for that particular product and not to some dodgy third party website. Try it and see. Top

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